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So either they've been stiffed enough times or they don't trust tourists not to skip out at the crack of dawn. A cc pre-auth should take care this without the deposit. Still doesn't engender feelings of the warm and fuzzies in my eyes.
It makes you wonder, doesn't it? The incidental fee was never mentioned in booking the room over the phone and I set the budget for attending the wedding based on what I had been told so I was not happy to discover the extra $300 by surprise when I arrived. If I'd known about it, I'd have budgeted for it since the costs associated with going to the wedding had me nearly maxed out but I was able to fit the $300 in for the couple of days they needed to hold on to it. What really annoyed me was that the place turned around and nickel and dimed at every opportunity.

I guess the place is intended for people wealthy enough that an extra surprise $150/night's no problem and can bill every extra charge they throw at you back to their room without a second thought. As I said in my first post, I've had enough Niagara On The Lake to last me a while because it's too rich for me. I drive a used Honda, wear average clothes, eat at Swiss Chalet, and shoot a Bronica. Since I don't have a luxury car, designer clothes, taste for fine dining, and no Hasselblad, I'd probably be arrested under an anti-vagrancy bylaw or something...