Another Hi Dave,
Andrew has a good recommendation and you won't go wrong using it. For film I'd stay with Kodak, Ilford or Fuji for now, but there are others out there. In the film department I'd recommend Fuji Acros as a good starter film for a couple of reasons; (one - it's cheap in 120, (two - it's not fussy about developer, (three - you don't have to worry much about reciprocity failure with it. Well, I guess that was three reasons instead of two. For developer if you do choose Fuji Across? I really like Ilford DD-x with Fuji Acros, but have had great results with Rodinal diluted 1:100 and semi-stand developed. Those two are also very good for getting negs that scan very easy with almost no grain visible. I'm just getting started on a batch of Kodak Xtol and can't give advice on that one, but from everything I've read it's really good stuff. If you are going to go the "mix your own" route I'd say a good place to start is with Sandy King's Pyrocat-HD. I just tried it for the first time and I really don't/wouldn't see the need for any other developer, it's that good. As for paper? That will depend on the "look" you want. Ilford MG papers are first rate, but a little expensive. Arista EDU paper from Freestyle is not a bad "bang for the buck" as is Adorama's brand of paper. I'm just getting ready to try both of those myself. You can go to Freestyle's web site and check their paper and film section yourself. Their prices are well within the ball park. For paper developer I only have one recommendation and that's a high one for Ethol LPD. Another suggestion from me, due to experience with the RB67, and that is buy some Weider's muscle builder. Darn nice camera and great optics, but a little on the heavy side for me. You'll get all kinds of advice from some really good folks here and I'm sure there is/might be better stuff out there then I suggested, but I only give advice about stuff I have experience with. You'll have fun I'm sure! JohnW