Hi Dave, welcome,

You haven't mentioned anything about your subject matter or how you like to shoot or where you like to shoot or the print size you prefer...

While Tri-X is great, and I do use some, there are lots of other good choices available.

Personally I lean toward portraits and pictorial landscape styles. So I actually prefer a slower films normally so I can get larger apertures, shorter DOF, most of the time. This is not much of an issue with 35mm cameras and a 1/4000th speed shutter but with the RB at 1/400th it really can be.

I also prefer detail and smooth tonality in the subject over grain/grittiness/texture.

Given my preferences Ilford FP4+ is my current favorite for MF and 35mm.

I like 320-400 speed films in 4x5 but 100-125 is just fine for me there too.