I'd earlier posted a query as to the fate of Frank Marshman's camera repair business "Camera Wiz" in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Frank has been around for decades, is known for his work on Bronicas and many other camera makes, but had recently fallen off the radar -- the listed phone numbers for his shop either went unanswered or now linked to an entirely different company.

With the help of some address sleuthing on APUGers, I used snail mail to contact Frank at home, where he now does his repair work. He's still in business, still talking cameras and photography, and still providing excellent service at reasonable cost. I sent him by Bronica S2 for a repair last week and it's done already -- can't ask for better than that.

I asked Frank if he agreed that I announce his contact information, and he readily agreed. So if you want to have Frank repair your gear for you, feel free to contact as follows:

Phone: 540-867-9671

Email: camerawiz@msn.com

Address for shipping: Mr. Frank Marshman
1495 Needmore Lane
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802

I'm sure that we will collectively keep him repairing cameras for years to come.