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I havent gone into extensive detail simply because anything i write will pale in relation to the wealth of information already available online about every aspect of the kodachrome process. The extensive information on the chemistry, the processing and the film can be found in public domain by kodak. For interest this patent which is wonderfully half the work of Photo Engineer is here....

And any other detail under the sun about kodachrome from the way the film is made to the way a K-lab machine works can be found online in the Z-50 tech pubs, there is also the Klab user manuals etc...kodak have openly available everything and anything you want to know. I'm not going to re write the ins and outs of publications that in common knowledge already exist.
Thats correct.
For this very reason ive created this wiki at http://kodachromia.wikia.com with the help of others from the kodachrome project.
Its main intention is to keep all this relative information to K-14 central to make it easier to sort out and access.
There is very little on the k-14 process here at present, but i hope all the pages of data can eventually be organised and arranged on the wiki in an easy to use manner.
When i get some time i will get round to publishing some of this on the wiki, but in the meantime Steve, feel free to add your documentation there, i will give you full administrative access to the wiki.