I think any fixture with aimable MR-16 halogen lamps would probably be a good choice. I use a custom low-voltage rail system from Tech Lighting, but only because I had a tricky space to light. But basic ceiling fixtures with 3 , 5 or even 7 lamps can be had from home improvement stores and online relatively affordably.

As important as the fixture is the actual bulb. I use GE Constant Color MR-16 with UV cover glass (12V, 50W) because that's what the manufacturer recommended, and I'm happy with them. Many others are available that operate at mains voltage. Really, any incandescent halogen bulb that offers > 3000K color temperature will provide a satisfying "white" light, but some may darken and shift color more rapidly with others. Ushio makes some 4100K and 4700K (?) halogens that look interesting, but I haven't ordered any, and I don't want to have to haul out the big ladder to swap the bulbs.

Hope that helps. If I can figure out how to take a decent picture, I'll try and upload it.