Coincidentally enough, I just hung and lit several rooms (zones) in my house about 6 weeks ago. I'm using track lighting fixtures with Solux bulbs, about as expensive as regular halogen MR-16's. Solux lighting is available in several temperatures, but I have found the 35K, 17º, 35W spot to be the best for B/W up to 30x40. 35K also work well for color. The lighting I ended up with is the equivalent of (same as) the best gallery lighting setups. I know this because I have designed and hung several galleries before. You can try LED, but the last I looked, the spot offerings were quite anemic. Track installation was DIY easy with existing ceiling boxes and can conversions to ceiling boxes (i.e., Hampton Bay - Home Depot). Track lighting allows you to direct light to specific locations. The cost of the track and outlet connections was around $100 for 5 zones. I already had the fixtures and bulbs, but that will likely be another 100% to 200% of the total cost. The shielded "easel" type lights that are often established overhanging paintings are insufficient for most photography IMO, and must each be wired separately (not DIY, in any case).

Here is pic of track with 9 spots, one for each fine art print, installed with a can conversion kit in a less than ideal, close–quartered, stairwell (one zone). There used to be a 75w recessed down can light where the covering is now positioned on the track: