So I've got a bunch of Portra on the way to supplement the B&W.

Darkosaric, don't worry. Neither my black and white nor my color photos are likely to be very good. Half the fun is trying.

Stavrosk, I love "Windows and Door".

David Henderson. I can't agree with you more. I had the same problem on a different trip a few years ago. That's why my initial preference was one body at mid iso and one at high.

If I could get my Olympus XA to meter at 1600, I'd use that in a minute. I have a stylus I could bring instead, but P&S makes me want to vomit and medium format is so much more enjoyable in the darkroom.

I also need to keep things light and compact, as I'll have a baby strapped to me for much of the trip.

I guess I could just shoot the interior stuff with the Portra and see if all the raves about its wide latitude are for real.

Thanks for the tips.