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I have a Gossen Luna-Tec, which is the previous model. I use either Wein Cells or hearing aid cells with an adapter. The hearing aid cells can be bought at any drug store, are reasonable priced, and seem to last as long as the Wein Cells. Use an adapter from Jon Goodman. jon_goodman@yahoo.com
LunaTec?? I've never heard of that one. I have a LunaSix, LunaSix - 3 and LunaPro. Also had the LunaLux, an LED nullmeter which uses a 9v battery, and the LunaPro F also 9v. I wish I had kept the Lunalux.
The hearing aid cells will last longer if you block off two of the four airholes. The adapter to usr the hearing aid cells pays for itself in savings over the Wein cells.