I can be the big head, but may have to wear a helmet.

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Thanks Thomas

This is part of a new series that I am doing called Big Head Pin Head. A series of diptychs that have friends pose on the same day and I put them into the matts together.

.. this image is an out ( different from the main shot) where I was just trying something to see how it would work.. I was trying to have the head float in the air with little information around it but the cloth (blue and the background Blue} show too much detail.
I am looking for subjects for this project as they come to Toronto to visit.

I have Dinesh (pin head) and Monty M (big head) slated and as well a few others here on APUG..

I am thinking that if I come to Michigan for Photostock I will certainly be asking you to pose... You could be the big head,, and Bill S could be the pin head... If it dosen't happen this year we will touch base sometime.