Here is a mostly complete list of what will be in the auction on Saturday evening. The list is also going up on the PHSNE website sometime soon. The preview will start after the show ends from 4 - 5 P.M. The auction will run from 5:00 P.M. to 6:30 or 7:00 P.M. There will be four more lots to be assigned, a total of 75, and every item will have a modest reserve price, listed on its auction tag, so you won't have that frustrating experience of waiting for lot 35 only to find it will start at a price above what you have in your pocket.

This is roughly a third of what PHSNE will be auctioning off between this show, the September show and the February members auction. If you want to keep abreast of it all, join PHSNE!

Beseler 4 x 5 military outfit
Graflex 4 x 5 camera Kit
Graflex 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 camera w/ 4 folders
Stereo Realist 45 w/ case and instructons
Kodak Retina IIIC - Big C
No Name wooden view camera 3 x 4
Plaubel Makina IIS
Kodak Retina 2 A w/ closeup attachment
Kodak Retina 111C type 21 -2 small c
E H Anthony View Camera 8 x 10
8 x 10 Mahogany - kit
Keystone A9 16 mm camera
Leica case
Vivitar 285 HV flash
Speed Graphic Kit
Eho Box 127 film
Mamiya 645 1000S
Nikkor Lens Micro Nikkor 105 F 1.4 AI Manual
Century Speed G 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 with Graphic Roll film back
Bessa RF (1936)
Minolta Autocord RA
Mamiyaflex C200
Rolleiflex F w/ prismfinder
Galvin view camera 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 w/ 4 holders
Kodak Stereo Viewer #1
Revere Stereo Camera
Voightlander Heliar 21 f 4.5 w / spare shutter
Mec 16 SB
Zeiss Ikon Bob 510 w/ box & instruction book
Nikkor Q 135mm f 3.5 lens - non AI box and case
Rolleiflex SL 35 M
Robot Star
Rollei T
Vest Pocket Camera - blue bellows in tough shape
Nikon F3 / sport and regular finder
Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex III
Doppel Lens 24 cm f 4 lens
Moscow 5
Hit Cameras - 2 camera lot
Petitax German Hit type camera
Yashica Mat 124 G
Leotax S
Nikkor Lens 85 f 1.8 AF
Leitz sport finder for tele 20 cm
Small Brass Lens with waterhouse stops
Gortz Apochromat 19 inch lens
Calumet Caltar 210 mm F6.3 lense
Olympus OM1 - MD
Olympus mount- Vivitar Series 1 - 35 - 85 mm f2.8
Olympus OM1 - MD
Elgert 3 inch F2.9 Cinetel Lens
Leica Summicron 50 mm f2.0
Zeiss Ikon - Super Ikonta C 531/2
Ambrotype - woman
Kemper Kombi with Box ($30 -40) (1892)
Pentax K1000
Nikon F2 Photomic with MD2 and MB1
Pentax K1000
Nikon F2 Photomic with MD2 and MB1
Honeywell Pentax SP 500
Canon F1with Power Winder FN
Arca Swiss 4" x 5" camera
Robot Vollautomat Star II with film cassette
Minox EC Kit
Nikon FE2 Black Body / MD 12 Motor Drive
Kodak Camp Fire Girls Brownie - no lens, scratch on cover, black bellows
Zeiss Icon Miroflex