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Having recently picked up the above-mentioned meter to use for landscapes (something my Minolta IVF doesn't do well ... or it might be my mediocre metering technique) and as a back-up meter, I got a pair of Duracell 625 batteries to put in it, but they are 1.5V instead of the 1.35 that the Gossen is set for.

So therefore, comparing the meter with some of my others, and in-camera meters, I find that it's usually at least 1 to 1-2/3 stops off from the other meters, which meter accurately. Is there a way to recalibrate the Gossen or otherwise get it to play nice with the 1.5V batteries without having to open it up and doing some soldering or sending it off?
I wonder what makes you think the Luna Pro would make it better for landscape than the Minolta IVF?