Hi all,

With regards to the Minim$65.00 Shipping for International, What I do is, buy the EX item that you really, realy want , then keep adding small items
that you may like, for example Ug and Bgn lenses or filters and other small value, being a trained Electronics Technician, is my advatage, I am getting quite
good at fixing minor problems, therfore UG, BGN or even Better AS-IS are my sort of deal. The shipping will stay the same this does not happen with $BAY items,
I have had a couple of bad deals lately with a camera ENGRAVED in 3 Places:- the seller was a good person and took it back with a full refund -: Photos can lie !!!
and a Nikon Lens from the place starting with A..... Yes it was as described but someone had "Messed with it!!" damaged the grub screws :- it can't be cleaned.

So far KEH stuff has been first rate, always better than expected.

Adorama Bargins .......Well once bitten twice shy. There shipping charges are a also bit on the high side too....

KEH is abit low on UG and BGN lenses and cameras at the moment ....Hopefully they list more soon ....Please bring back AS-IS items and Grab Bags