I'm Martin. I live and work in Birmingham, UK, and have done pretty much all my life. Picked up a nikon d40 some 5 years ago, for a song on amazon, and maybe 18 months ago started shooting film, at first with a Braun Paxina 29.

I've stopped buying cameras now, after a Rollei 35 and a Brownie 6-20 and a Nikon F3P and a Pentax ME and a Zenit 12XP and a yashica MAT.

Nowadays, although I've no intention of getting into debates about digital/analogue and one being better in some way than the other, I find myself wanting to shoot film, and print in the dark.

Currently I'm developing film with R09, and paper with a caffenol recipe. My hit rate is pretty low, but every now and again fortune coincides with intent and something comes out that pleases me.

I've hesitated for a good while about calling myself a photographer, but recently a close friend and then a total stranger have placed arguments in front of me that helped hugely. I'm a father, and I have the right to call myself that, even though I may not be the best father, and I don't do it professionally. And thus with photographer.

I've lurked around here a long while, and it's been well useful. Thanks guys. (I'm using 'guys' gender neutrally here )