Hi Chris

was not ignoring your email , just really busy, but your question has gotten me going on an idea that may be of value to you and others..

I am in the process of trying to output a hard dot negative for tri colour printing ie ultrastable.
For the longest time I thought I would need a image setter and currently the thought of this was doable but not immediate concern for investment.

Then your Email, and at around 4am one sleepless night I deduced that I do have an image setter and I have the processor.
The unit I have which unfortunately I cannot talk about here , can produce film negatives and positives continuous tone...


I will purchase hard dot film from any local supplier , which I have found, calibrate it to 21 steps , using the RGB laser device process in processor to repeatable specs.
In PS apply the screen whether it is line or stocastic which will produce a hard dot negative- send to the Imaging Device ( in the old days would be called an Durst Enlarger but today is called a Durst Lambda).. In your case I could invert the selection and output a screened positive..

Now I have not exactly answered your question but I want you to know I have not forgotten your question and it has lead me down a path that MAY ultimately will save me thousands of dollars and bullshit unneeded R& D .

Why hard dot stocastic, well everyone who has experience tells me using my continuous tone negs will be difficult if not impossible to control highlight staining.
The hard dot method will lay down carbon where I need it and not bleed and pollute the other colours.