My above post refers to what I think in my world at least the most significant photographic advancement possible.. the achilles heel of colour photography, finding an great method of producing permanent colour photographs.
We have a few workers doing it and with advancements, making the film is not relatively easy to accomplish with the help of PS and certain devices.

I try to keep tongue in cheek discussing this matter but the mere thought of the bullshit that will ensue stops me from trying to have a Printers discussion that involves devices deemed taboo here.
So my question , to those reading this , where on the net can I have a discussion about darkroom processes relating to the mixture of high end devices and and historical tray processes?

I do not find Hybrid org or Dpug of value for this discussion.. the traffic there is low, and it seems since Sandy left so did a lot of the other good workers.
I do not find the Large Format Discussion group of value for this discussion... I do not think there is enough darkroom workers there as here.

I am not capable of starting my own site or do desire to do so as the skill sets are beyond my scope.

I am not trying to start a war here , just asking , is there a site (that may be out there) any of you know that welcomes all printmaking discussions , rather than comparing and dissing the other?? maybe I am looking for a silkscreen group or wood block from positive film group.

My career has been in both worlds colour and black and white, I now feel comfortable with the archival aspects of my black and white options, and am really concentrating on colour now.