I usually take my drawing pad into work and have been keep it in my cleaning cupboard and when I get ideas while working I goto the cupboard and write it down in the back of my drawing book. For the last week I have been thinking about this thread and other threads on apug about advertising film, and also about advertising my cards.

My first note is "Faking Popularity". Companies already do this I think, several camera companies have been accused of hiring people to promote their products on social networking services and forms. By Faking Popularity I think that you can hype something and say how popular it is and other people jump on the bandwagon. If you want to advertise something it is better to say how good it is rather than say something is negative. I have been thinking about this with respect to my cards. The only adverts I put up are ones on the notice boards in work and despite the adverts being on the boards for two years only one person in the company we clean for has ever asked me about my cards, and that was after that person recieved a christmas card from one of the other cleaners who used one of my cards because I carry a selection of cards in my bag. The reasoning could be because my cards are useless or it could be that the adverts are inadequate because all they are is pictures of two cards with the words "available form evening cleaner". So we need a new strategy. What if the advert was bigger and said, in bold, coloured, letters "The Best Cards Money Can Buy!!!. The advert will get more attention. Furthermore because I dont rate my artwork highly, when asked about my cards I say how few get sold and how not enough sell for them to make any money or how the two shops selling my cards no longer want to take any more because they do not sell well enough. What I should be saying is how I have someone who regularly buys christmas cards and sends them all over the world and how my cards are popular enough to actually be sold in shops. Same information seen in a different light can get a different reaction.

I am sure that advertising can be planned and popularity faked enough to become viral. In order for something to become viral every recipient of the information needs to pass it to at least two other people (either by notifying one other person personally or by posting it to a publicly viewable place like a social network stream). If 100 APUG users use a social networking service and posted something (thats carefully planned) promoting film then more than 100 people will view it and a percentage of them will pass it on. With a bit of luck the chain will be self sustaining and the advert will spread.

Play on cost. Photography, for a lot of people, is expensive. Cost advantages of film photography is one area that can be played on. I have a large collection of lenses, mostly M42. It would be nice to have a digital camera to use them on. The cheapest I have found that has a sensor big enough to fully utilise the lenses is around 650, used. My Zenit, which came with a lens and a strap, cost me 2.50, used. The percieved cost of photography in general is one myth we can use to our advantage when advertising film.

Difficulty is another myth. A lot of younger people do not know how to use film. Advertising that plays on showing how easy film is to work with I think would be very effective.

Memes... is another note I wrote.

Planning. Offense and defense.
My quickly put together Memes criticise digital. That isn't really the right way to go about promoting anything. If you put something down that someone likes then that person becomes defensive. They will ususally condemn back, which promotes nothing. Criticising people will not make them see our point of view. It is more effective to promote something postively, the people who dont like it will usually ignore it while the people who do like it will spread it. This needs to be worked out by careful planning. The big companies do it, we can too.

Because there has been several threads on apug about promoting film, lets now try to think of real ideas we can really put into action.