If I can lay down a hard dot screen on film and get 21 steps... then I think the world of archival colour prints is one step closer.. I have not stopped with the continuous tone negs just sidelined.

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Bob, thanks for responding here, though just so you know my email was about a more straightforward screen-plate idea whereas this is kind of a theoretical proposal. Nevertheless, I think I see where you're going with this.

To me, I don't know the difference between an Imagesetter, a Lightjet, a Chromira, or a Lambda, but it certainly seems like they should be capable of doing the same kind of things, no? Or rather... if a Lambda can do continuous tone then it should be able to eat a hard-dot image for breakfast!

This seems like a brilliant idea that utilizes something you've already got in a fairly simple manner. I think it's brilliant, and awesome that you're thinking seriously about doing color carbon.

So in a sense I think you have answered the question in my email, but we can discuss it further when you get a chance.