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I prefer sharpness. Be advised, there is also "anti-reflection" glass which is more like a lens coating and has little effect on sharpness and detail. Unfortunately the last time I encountered it, it was over $30 for a 16 x 20 inch sheet.
Thanks Dave. I am familiar with anti-reflective technology and agree if you have the money it is a better way to go. Due to breakage of glass in shipping and extreme cost of Optium acrylic I am only able to offer non-glare technology to my customers at this time.

I currently carry Acrylite non-glare and I am considering switching to Plexiglas non-glare. Acrylite has less reflections but the Plexiglas has a little better clarity and if you look real close it has a little better sharpness with 8-ply matting. If you could combine them into one it would make it harder to pay the extra money for the Tru-Vue.