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Wow, thanks Rich.
I'm hopefully going to go for it early this coming week.
I've just been in the DR today printing a few shots from the 50 1.4.
Skin tones are soooo smooth even in 135
Yeah, a real beauty. Sold mine a few years back when I was more budget-constrained and found the 50/1.7 to be quite the awesome lenses itself and felt I did not need both. That was back when you could get a 50/1.7 for $90 from KEH and the 50/1.4 at maybe $175-200. Have you seen the KEH prices for all the Contax C/Y glass these days? Glad I stocked up 10 years ago on the 35/2.8 PC, aforementioned 50/1.7, 60/2.8 Planar and 85/1.4. Also on an expensive whim picked up the 100-300 Vario-Sonnar too back then. i think it's my sharpest lens I've ever used. It's simply amazing. Oh, and nailed the 180/2.8 from KEH for about $300 a month or so ago. Been lusting after that puppy for years and finally pulled the trigger. KEH had it classified as UG because of a nick on the barrel, but NOTHING else wrong otherwise. Just souped my first roll with that lens and I am excited to see the results.