The Walk. What is it about walking with a camera opens one's eyes to possibilities. My wife Sue and I went down to the Ohio River today and we walked along a river path. Did not see anything outstanding but I clicked off a few frames.

My wife is a world class bird watcher. So I often bring my tiny little binoculars with me to "belong" although I have no real idea about more than a few species of birds, she tolerates the wanta-be in me. I found the 8x25 little binoculars useful in plotting my ascent on paths up hills, where the angry farmer with the shotgun will come from, and various other things. The binos help me find 6 large turtles along the river, but far too distant for my Leica rangefinder. Still they added to today's MoJo.

But it is the walk I really found moved my MoJo. It made me want to take photos, to look for images.

It seems this thread has touched a few with MoJo issues due to life. I hope it continues on. It has given me new energy and I'm excited to see some bridge pictures from somewhere near Alamo City, some pictures from the Blue Ridge Parkway area and the return to photography with vivid memories back to being 12 or 13 years old.