The darkroom at the Uni where i teach recently started using "Eco Pro" eco friendly BW paper dev.

This stuff has no hydro quinine, and i was told that it oxidizes pretty fast because of that, and that i should watch out for it.

Lately, my students have been complaining that the Dev is dead, after about an hour, and maybe 5-7 people working at the same time on 1 gallon of Dev mixed 1:9.

They end up wasting so much time (and material) until they figure out the Dev is reacting to slow, and i am not always there to catch up on it.

This is insane, but i have to use this stuff for now. I end up replenishing the Dev once or twice during the class to keep it going.

A colleague suggested mixing it at 1:4 instead and hoping for better results.

Is anyone using this stuff and getting different results?

Any other ideas (other then using something else)...?