I've recently read a book on exposing/printing, a book which contained a simplified version of the zone system. As I'm familiar with the ZS since before I only half-read that section, but one thing was pretty interesting - it was on how to get a good shadow exposure using only a incident meter.

As I understood the technique in the book, one should meter ones palm in the most important shadow in which one wishes to have any texture (placing it in zone III), but that one could substitute this by metering ones palm in the shadow cast by one self, and that both these values should fall between zone II & III (right at the film speed point, as I understood the technique).

Have anyone read or used something similar? I usually only meter for zone III and worry about the high values later (thank you, split grade printing) but I'm trying to find a good workflow for my Rolleiflex with an handheld incident meter. I don't have the book with me at the moment