Thanks keithwms and georg16nik. I would really like HIE to still be around too. You see it on ebay now and again, but course expired. You can even buy old Kodak Aerochrome 1443 on ebay but not sure how far into IR realm that film goes. I have a good IR illuminator to boost the range on my Sony nightshot camcorder, but I definitely want to try IR flash with film. I did consider breaking open my Finepix S6500fd and removing the hot mirror but would probably wreck it if I tried, or fail to put it back together properly. I don't want to pay much, so ideally want to use the 35mm film photographic equipment I already have. Using a 720nm filter on a powerful flash unit like the Vivitar 283 should give me a window of some 40nm in spectral sensitivity (720nm filter with film sensitive up to approx 760nm=40nm). It's not a big margin to play with but theoretically it should produce something the film can capture. Still, I'm tempted to buy the next decent looking roll of HIE that comes up on ebay.