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Hi. In my journey with the Bromoil, oil Pigmenting process I have a question re the paper. Watching Norman Gryspeerdt on youtube, I gathered the impression that you can use art paper (as opposed to photographic paper), apply gelatin dilutions, and emulsion and then expose that..then process that. Most of the discussion of bromoil is always about bromoil friendly papers (photographic papers). I am wondering if I have gotten it all wrong.

I (and please dont laugh)..was intending to experiment with different papers (art papers.like water colour papers) coating them with gelatin solution then applying the sensitiser....then processing as per bromoil processes outlined everywhere.

But the discussion on paper always seems to be photographic paper...or photographic art paper.

So do I have it wrong re the paper.............some of the disussion is so old here that links are non ........well just not there.
I followed a David Lewis link..re paper..but the site is not giving any info. i realise that some of these guys are old as now......and maybe not working anymore OR making the things / products mentioned in the discussion.

My interest is Bromoil and Oil Pigment.

I have chemicals for the bleach......and making negatives and ready to go...bit wondering re paper......and just not rich enough to experiment willy nilly.........

Would love some clarification.

Love Bromoil, Love Oil Pigment. I think it suits my style as it develops.
really keen to make contact with others working in this area......

hope to hear from someone.

Graham Hughes
hi - if you read my comment up there, you see I use liquid emulsion all the time....

(using graphic printing paper (copper printing paper) rather than water colour papers...)

It is late night here - so I have to sleep, but you can read a little here:


and see some examples here:




all liquid emulsion based.

also I have several examples in my gallery here...

it is highly addictive!!