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IIRC, the palm of a person with caucasian skin tone is zone VI, so you could meter off of your palm and open one stop, as a reflective meter such as one in a camera will attempt to put your palm in zone V.
That is correct treatment for a single reading in the "sun". You want to place the palm of your hand on Zone VI there in the sun because Zone VI is where caucasian skin should be placed... when they are in the sun.

But what is happening in this scenario is simulated shadows. For a person in shadows to appear realistic, you actually want to close down instead of open up. I had to read this several times and often post it wrong. But read the palm of your hand in shadow and close down a stop (to place it on Zone IV).

That is "shortcut exposure" advice from Minor White in 1963 so likely you have read it or heard it before...

Dark rocks and other things in the shadow will go darker than Zone IV, but you should want them to be dark to make them look like they are in the shade.