After watching an awesome video on wet plate photography, I got the urge to do something alternative. A friend at school suggested that him and I try platinum printing. After doing a lot of research, I think we have everything at the schools photo lab to make a few platinum prints. I still need a brush and paper though. Anyway, just had a couple questions. Sorry if this is online somewhere already.

1. We have plenty of the EDTA solution to clear the prints but I don't know what the water/powder ratio should be when mixing it up.
2. The developer we have is potassium oxalate, will the EDTA solution be enough to clear the prints? I've read I might need to use the EDTA mixed with something else?
3. Do not know the ratio of potassium oxalate to water in order to make the developer.
4. What do I do with the chemicals after I'm done with the whole process? Can I reuse the mixed EDTA? Does the developer go down the drain or can that be reused?
5. What kind of safety precautions should I be taking? Obviously I'd wear gloves and an apron but are goggles or further safety implementations necessary?

Help with any of these questions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!