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My questions come down to:
1) While trying to capture Bokah with a shallow DOF would/could luminosity be scattered to a point different than indicated by a spot meter (Pentax V)?
2) Did I simply process the film incorrectly?
3) Did I incorrectly apply the filter factor (factor of 5 = 2-1/2 stops)?
4) Given the subject to film plain distance of less than 1 meter should I have compensated for that in exposure also?
1) No, but... The spotmeter doesn't focus close. It will be influenced by the surroundings.

2) Seems a bit too bad to be mere processing?

3) That sounds about right to me.

4) Yes, but failing that would lead to underexposure.

I have tested the bokeh of an old (1934) Heliar 150mm by shooting the same scene at f:4.5, f:16, and f:45 adjusting the shutter time accordingly. The exposures were identical - incidentally proving that the shutter is still reasonably accurate.

Wrong exposure is the likely culprit - check your meter. And also have a look at how it behaves close up...