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so if "art" is purchased and liked by millions it is schlock,
because it has commercial appeal ?

i am not sure why ansel adams isn't put in the same basket as geddes, wegman and kinkade
he "sold-out" as much as they did and i see just as much "soul" in their work as in his ...
To each their own I suppose.

I think there's a vast distance between what Ansel did versus what Kinkade and Co. have done. Much of Ansel "as a commodity" came later in his career and even more after his death. I'm sure that Geddes and Wegman really do put forward a product that they tend feel good about, so at least there's a certain earnestness to it. Do I think they put out schlock? Yes, though it may be high quality schlock. Kinkade is another order of magnitude though. A raging drunk, a fraud (look into the history of his gallery franchises) and a purveyor of schlock. I think that Geddes and Wegman have it in them produce work of higher caliber. I don't think that the same could be said of Kinkade (were he still alive).

In the end, even if millions of people buy and like something it can still be schlock. How many people bought and liked the "Velvet Elvis" paintings? If that isn't schlock I don't know what is.