Seems some while some films are dropping like flies, other new ones still pop up from time to time. With as quickly as everything is happening these days, would it be possible to make a sticky of "Films still in production" and keep it updated? Not sure where it would go as it should cover B&W, Color, and E6 films, as well as instants and specialties like IR and cine all in the same thread. I guess here is as good as any?

A format with Mfr, then film, then speed, then size might be good. For example:


  • Color Negative Film
    • Ektar 100
      • 35mm x 36exp
      • 120
      • 4x5"
      • 8x10"

And so on down the line. I'd be more than happy to dedicate some time into getting most of the heavy lifting out of the way, and perhaps some of you who may be familiar with more obscure films could fill in the blanks?