Brian, you're muddling the early SLR Contax cameras with focal plane shutters made in Dresden by Zeiss Ikon just after WWII with the quite differeent West German, Stuttgart, made Contaflex/Contarex etc which used leaf shutters. The East German Contax S, D etc, is the now classic simple layout, later renamed as Pentacon.

There's an interesting article in the BJP written in 1950/1 by HS Newcombe author of the 35mm -Miniature CameraPractice, as well as other books and article. Newcombe was also the owner of a large retail shop and discusses the dire shortage of good high quality cameras at the time. In the UK this was partly due to severe import restrictions but also because quality UK made cameras were in short supply and more basic cameras were of poor quality.

Miniature Camera Practice details the main serious 35mm cameras of it's time and one striking thing is the number of companies who had disappeared bt the 1960's or stopped camera manufacture.My copy (1953) lists 45 manufactuers across the world, and only one of the companies Hansa (Canon) still makes cameras. Of course two other names are in use Voightlander and Zeiss but on Cosina made cameras.

This really highlights the major shift from European made cameras nwhich had dominated between the wars and early 1950's and the growth of the Japanese brands which began in the mid 1950's and had become noticable by 1958.

I think I have a late 1960's or early 70's BJP Annula article highlighting these changes, I may well have scanned it.