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If they are really close in sharpness as you seem to imply ("if you look real close it has a little better sharpness"), then I'd take one with less reflection.

Rational being if I really needed the absolute maximum sharpness for the application, I wouldn't be choosing a type with non-glare treatment in the first place - which usually visibly reduce clarity over regular type.

If I did need anti-reflective quality for a particular application, being sharpness being close, I'd be choosing the one with maximum anti-reflective quality. Little (very little) less sharpness is a price worthy of not having a presentation where details are hard to see anyway due to heavy reflection of existing harsh and uncontrolled lighting or what-not.
Taka, I agree with your reasoning. If it were just the sharpness I would say for sure the Acrylite is the better product. It is difficult to see the reduced sharpness. At normal viewing distance I can't tell the difference. Close up, I have to carefully search the photo for enough fine detail. There is however also a difference in what I decided to call clarity because it is similar to the clarity control in Lightroom. This difference in clarity can be seen at normal viewing distance. The Acrylite has noticeably more aggressive matte finish that I believe is reducing edge contrast inside the image and or slightly reducing the light reflected back from the image so it is just not as bright.