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I think with proper lighting reflection is not a problem with plain glass. How does acrylic hold up to cleaning and with what? It is lighter than glass so if shipping is an issue it might be worthwhile. I would also go with the sharpness folks.

At exhibitions I have attended it appears that most viewers are interested in the content of the images as opposed to technique. A serious purchaser would probably scrutinize more closely and possibly want to see the image unframed.

My personal favorite for good viewing and low cost is proper gallery lighting (eliminating the reflections) and regular acrylic which is more optically pure than glass (non green tint). In regards non-glare technology it is the same for glass and acrylic, a matted finish which can reduce sharpness and clarity. Of course there are lots of other pros and cons for the choice of glass vs acrylic. It is sort of like the choice of prime lens vs zoom. Neither is perfect for everything. It depends on what you are doing and what you are most comfortable with. My company has an extensive list of the pro's and con's here: glass vs acrylic for framing