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Another way of putting that: if someone were to do some solid, complete, and reliable reporting on this question and start a thread about it, say posting an update four times a year, then we'd probably make it a sticky.

This is how it works in general--someone starts a thread and it turns out to have lots of good information and not too much noise, and we make it a sticky thread. We don't start thread as a sticky typically and hope people contribute in a way that makes it worthy.
As long as I know there is some interest from the mods, I'll get to work on it. When I get as far as I can go, I'll post it and give you a heads up. Those who are outside the US that have regional films or just those who have something to add can chip in with data. Since every time a film is canceled it seems to a half dozen threads on here within 24 hours, I don't think keeping up with it will be too tough.