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How can you "upgrade" to a Rodagon if you do not know if the optics are of higher quality than the Minolta? Kiku
The Rodagon seems, generally, to be more expensive. I bought the Rokkor from the same dealer who has a Rodagon f/5.6 listed at twice the price.
Would I be paying for the name/build quality? The fact that this lens is simply more popular?

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I’m not sure what you mean by “decentering”. I suppose that it might refer to the lens being assembled with an off-center element.
Yes, that's what I was referring too. I'm not talking massive uniformity issues, but right up close, the bottom area of my prints are noticeably less sharp. To another viewer, who knows, and maybe I'm being too finicky.
I'm pretty sure this is down to slight alignment issues though, with which I'm still battling.

The sharpest area of the print (where I've focused) is what I'm concerned with here however.
Like I say, compared with high quality book reproductions of other medium format images (namely, Fay Godwin and Robert Adams - both Hasselblad shooters) the sharpest areas of my prints don't have the same definition. I can't imagine what the original prints are like in that case.