I didn't really know where to put this. I taught my 3 year old cousin how to wind and shoot my Nikonos-V camera. His mother kept freaking out about how he was going to drop it, and he would brake it, and so on. I ignored her. I figure, it's my camera and if he did brake it then too bad for me. I took that chance. And it's rated to withstand pressures about 200 feet below sea level. It can take some abuse. After getting the hang of it with no film I let him go wild with some slide film. Here's what happend...

Some times he'd the hit the shutter on accident:

Somes times he'd drop the camera:

But you'd be surprised at what the world looks like from his eyes:

Chasing his aunt:

F-4 Phantom:

The Huey:

And my favorite one, an under-wing shot of a F-5E Tiger:

The nice thing about that camera is that it's very easy to set it up so almost everything is in focus. I'm going to have to pass a camera off to kids more, you never know what you will get. And some if it's pretty good