David: When I spoke of the lack of circuit boards, I was referring to the OM-2S/Program, not the OM-2(n). I wasn't very clear.

Also, the battery consumption of the OM-4 (non-T/Ti) is sometimes not a problem. Some of them had newer circuits, and the batteries are so cheap that even with a battery drain problem, I wouldn't pass up a well-priced OM-4.

I agree on the reliability of the OM-2 models (and the OM-1 models) ... I've mistreated them and even when they looked a wreck they kept functioning.

Oh, and reinis, the Zuiko lenses are quite good, some of them exceptional. The 100mm/f2.8 is superb for portraits and isolated subjects. The 21mm/f2 is as good as any 21 of its era, and still competitive with many 21s of newer manufacture. Another stellar performer is the 50mm/f3.5 macro. I don't have the latter, but am thinking about it, pending my ability to persuade the CDFO that I really need the new Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder. ;-)