Since I can get quinoxaline and some variations of it at reasonable cost (compared to cost of Ilfochrome paper and given that it is used only in small amounts), I think I will just plunk down money for the real thing.

Here is my home brew strategy:
  • Replace Ilfochrome fixer with OlepH 6.5, which is based on Ole's quick fix but has pH adjusted to 6.5
  • Replace developer with Dr. Beer's developer and make sure that color balance can be restored. Experiment with different contrasts.
  • Once this is all figured out, play with dye bleach. I guess I'll start with sulfamic acid for pH of 1, various amounts of 2,3-dimethyl-quinoxaline and 2-hydroxy-3,6,7-trimethylquinoxaline and 50g/l of NH4Br. You also list thiourea, can you tell me what that is supposed to do in the dye bleach?

One thing which honestly surprises me about the process is the extremely relaxed attitude towards fixing. Although it is supposedly archival, they use sodium thiosulfate for two minutes without much fuss, compare this to the complex procedure recommended even for plain b&w RC paper!