Brian, we're undergoing the same cooling cycle here in the Dallas, TX area. The water temp. has dropped considerably. Coincidentally, I received my new Nova 16X20 print washer yesterday, and the instructions indicate an increase of wash time of 15 minutes for every 2 degrees of water temp. decrease. In other words, Ilford Multigrade FB paper- 30 minutes at 68F. Increase wash time to 45 min. at 66F and 60 min. at 64F. I don't wash my prints at temperatures below 65F. Ambient water temps. in my area are usually around 75F. I wash my FB prints for a minimum of 30 minutes at that temperature. Do not exceed 86F with Ilford FB paper, unless you use a hardener in your fixer. However, a hardener in the fixer is not recommended by Ilford, unless it is absolutely necessary.