I've been buying up all the B&W film I can find the last 4-5 years when the price has been right and filling a small freezer. Sometimes expired but usually barely. Glad I did as I used to get 100' bulk spools for about $20 back when the surge of film shooters going digital seemed to peak and were emptying their freezers and small local shops were going under and selling off their stock. Used to get 120 at $1.00 a roll regularly too (greatest snags: 83 rolls of 120 Plus-X for $65 and a bulk roll of APX25 for $20!). With all this film of many different types I shoot whatever I have spooled up in the bulk loader (usually have a 100 speed and a 400 speed spooled up) or for 120 whatever is the oldest I have. Sure, we all know the yarn about shoot one film and developer and getting to know it and I do not argue with that but it's just not how I like to do things. I like to experiment and see what I can do, enjoy the differences, and the challenge that comes with that. And what I've found through the years and many films and developers is that frankly practically any B&W film is capable of terrific results with proper technique across the process. My most used developers have been D-76, Rodinal and HC-110 but I have been having some fun lately with Pyrocat-HD too. That said if someone put a gun to my head and made me choose just one or two films from now on I'd choose Fuji Acros and Tmax 400 (but I'd sure miss APX100, Plus-X, Tri-X and Neopan 400! All of which I have enough of to last me for a number of years).