A Fuji GS645S, that's on its way from KEH.

I recently sold off my GW690 --- though I loved it in many ways, I did not love that it was meterless. It was also SO large as to be almost cartoonish. I wasn't convinced on the lens either -- it was brutally sharp but the contrast was harsh. Having so few frames per roll of 120 was also tiresome in the field. It felt like I spent half of my time reloading the camera.

I'm hoping the GS645S is a better compromise. Slightly smaller and lighter, with a built in meter. Not sure how the lens will be -- it's still a Fujinon but maybe the 60mm has a different rendering than the 90mm did?

The other advantage is that the largest negative I can print is a 6x6, and I recently added a 645 holder for my enlarger. The 6x9 of the GW690 seemed wasted when I couldn't print it optically.