I am like others. Everything goes into a clear file page suited to the format.
I store them, usually with contact sheets in front of them, in 3 ring binders.
I reference a page as to year, month, and film number developed in that month.
I find that works best to isolate about when the shot was made (at least the last ones on a roll).
It correlates well to a lab notebook I keep to record what developers I have been using, and for how long, dilution, etc. Sometiems this information gets transferred to the neg filer page.

I try to keep the binders to 1.25" and no thicker. Some years take 2 binders. they go in per neg page number.

I tried isolating 35mm from 120, from 4x5 in the past, as well as b&w and c-41 and e-6.
Since I print from all of these for a given desired pirnt image, it was too much hassle.

I hate to think how it might have spread if I indexed per camera.
Some cameras I might only use for a simgle test roll after I refurb it and onsell it or give it away confident that it works.
My camera collection varies between 10 and 40 depending on how much I have been able to move at a swap meet I attend annually, and what gets gifted to me or I pick up chaep at estate auctions.

For the last 10 years I use binders with a transparent cover.
When the binder gets full I write out an index sheet with information as to neg page number, format, film type, and the sort of images on each page.
I find this is suitable to aloow me to locate images modestly quickly.

If I have done a commercial type assignment the neg page numbers the images got filed to gets written on an extra print, or more often an extra contact print that lives with the assignment file in my filing cabinet. Then when an organisation or person returns in the future ( as they seem to often do, I can find the neg for a reprint,. scan, etc, most quickly.
I do between 3 and 10 such assignments a year, for the past decade, so filing the files of these assignment folders by year works alright for me so far.

I keep a binder in the darkroom called 'contact sheets backlog'. It has dividers in it divided up to b&w, ra-4, and reversal prints, and a scratch sheet inside the cover as to the films in it. I try to number the films as they are sleeved.

Hope this gives food for thought on how you might want to organize yourself.

I confess that between 1999 and 2003 I lived semi- itenerantly (mostly based, for a medium term contract I was working on in Brisbane) and we had our first born at the same time.
Those years image records are just filed with negs in filter pages. No contact sheets (almsot all were c-41 commercially developed and printed), or indexing on them.
If I did get around to indexing them most would be summarized to say 'first son (or more specifically, first grandson on both sides) general photos for the relatives'.