Hi All,

Some strange issues with the server lately. We seem to run like lightning for months or days, then have periods of extreme slowness. I've been working with the host and some comprehensive monitoring has been installed on the server. With the monitoring in place we now have to sit back and wait for the slowness to occur. Once this happens we should be able to see exactly what is causing it. I just wanted to keep you in the loop and updated. I know it's hugely frustrating to come to the site and all of a sudden it takes a minute for a page to load.

It would be helpful if you notice the slow response times to email me as soon as possible at apug.org@gmail.com -that will give us a time stamp to examine the reports.

Other options will be moving the database to a dedicated database server. However after discussing with the host they feel it is best to see what is happening with the slow downs first. It could be something minor and easily fixed.