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Correct me if I'm wrong, but this isn't ever going to approach the quality (resolution, colour accuracy) of current C41 and E6 processes, is it? If so, I definitely wouldn't be a regular user but I might give it a once-off blast if it didn't require the purchase of large/expensive quantities of chemistry. If I could soup it using my C41, E6 or RA4 chems sitting on the shelves, all the better.

It would have to be film; I'm not bothering with a plate holder or new processing tanks. It'll have to either fit in a Paterson or Jobo 120 spiral or a 3010. I'd prefer 120 but if you're manufacturing this small-scale, my guess is that sheets are an easier option, in which case I'm fine with 4x5. ISO12 is usable for me though 25 would be better. And you'll need to provide development times/instructions for rotary development.

I would scan it for sure, but reversal processing or something printable to RA4 are both fine options. If the colour is good, I'd probably prefer reversal.

Price would need to be about $5/sheet (4x5") or less - you're competing with $2/sheet E6.
I'm with polyglot; it would need to be film - for me it would need to be 35mm. If this criteria could be met, then yeah, I'd buy it.

Dufaycolor is an additive color process, where the colors are put in "grains" in front of the light-sensitive layer. As such it would only need B&W reversal processing chemistry; no need for CD3, CD4, or the now-discontinued CD6.