SafetyBob, how right you are. Grandkisds are inspiring.

My youngest is 1 and the middle one is 3. She has started, rather shyly, playing rag ball (T Ball) finds more interest in the flowers in the field than the game. Started snapping photos of her with her pink baseball glove and a flower in the field. Auto focus also needs to be there because some times she actually plays and she get her turn at bat too.

Mentioned in an earlier post that I went out on a walk along the Ohio river last weekend. Hope to finish the roll (35mm) this week or weekend. Then its time to go into the bathroom and process.

Certainly hope my words do not reflect too much grandpa-ism, but just having the desire to be me again and out shooting helps. Many more tasks to complete for taking care of mom and dad, but the camera MoJo seems to be helping me from being lost in the swell of tasks, emotions and issues.