I've tried a few transfers with the fuji and only ever managed to get one image to semi-work.
most just turn out to be a green/brown square on the paper, a common problem. From what I have been able to find out doing the transfer with fuji is almost impossible, it will work, but only under very specific conditions.

there was a discussion over on flickr with all the ins and outs, but from what I remember you have to do it in the dark, on non-acidic paper that has almost no tooth - so that would make it very hard to do it on any fabric I guess.

Your best bet would be to try a lift instead, but the the fuji is a bit more "plasticy" than polaroid, so isn't quite as soft... you may end up with quite a stiff section of material where the image is stuck. They also don't adhere as well as the polaroid emulsions , but this isn't that much of a problem. I usually use a matte acrylic medium to coat mine which dries clear and is very flexible.

I hope that helps