I'd recommend a Contax RX instead of the AX, but otherwise I'm with Andrew. Lenses are at least the equal of Leica glass, at a fraction of the price. They're also lighter in weight (the Leica lens bodies are I think still substantially brass, as opposed to aluminium in the Contax lenses). But I could be wrong about that - it may only be the older R-series lenses that had brass barrels. I had an extensive Contax setup at one time, with an RX and two 167MT bodies, the 35 f2.8, 50 f1.7, 85 f1.4, 35-70 f3.5, 80-200 f4, and a Sigma 18-35 zoom. I took many wonderful images with that outfit, but the bulk of shooting SLRs when travelling got to me and I switched... to a Contax G2 outfit.