This information came to me as a result of my membership in another photography group in my area, and I'm happy to pass it on:

The next Alternative Photography (analog) meeting of the Pacifica Chapter, Center for Photographic History and Technology has been arranged by Judy Higham, Dan Williams and Craig Huber (Chair).

DATE & TIME: 2 June 2012, 1-4 pm
Please put this date on your calendars.

Draft Agenda – Craig Huber, Chair
1. Share work-in-progress via placing our work on tables and chatting with attendees
2. Discuss progress we have each made in planning for the 22 September 2012 Symposium and determine next steps
3. Special speaker (tentative, if Judy can find one)
Refreshments provided

Eagle Ridge Bible Fellowship
we'll meet in the gym - more details coming closer to date of meeting
1160 Lansdowne Drive
Coquitlam BC V3B 5V8


Historical photographic methods in use today - the art, processes and techniques of alternative photography.

This group meets 3 times a year (winter, spring, fall), open to analogue and/or Alternative photographers). ... I hope you can attend.

If anyone has questions about the spring meeting in Coquitlam, please contact Judy Higham "bluejeh" or Craig Huber "CAHUBER", members here on APUG - who welcome contact by APUG private message ("pm").