Oh-oh. Is licensure required?

I avoided the use of flash for 25 years because my first attempts at it were so pitiful, and so remained blissfully ignorant of anything beyond available light. Then last year I discovered that the Minolta X outfit I got from my father-in-law's estate included a pretty hi quality flash and that there was such a thing as ttl metering! So I went to a party, set the exposure on automatic, let the camera tell the flash what to do, and results were fabulous.

Now I have grand-nephews and nieces, my sister's cancer has turned the wrong direction, and our first grandchild will arrive later this year. I see the awful pictures that my extended family finds acceptable for passing around on the web. I compare them with the tack-sharp 6x9 contact prints of my uncle and aunt who died in childhood in 1918 and feel a need to do something about it. That little bit of success with on-camera flash makes me want to learn to use multiple-source setups with my 6x6 to produce photos that will hopefully be enjoyed 100 years from now.