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I hope if you sell them on you put the lens back right or the new owner will wonder what's wrong with it!

Unless I get hooked on them, and start doing what Randy does (which I highly doubt will happen) I don't plan on selling these at all. I've become fond of the collecting part of analog photography. I now have 4 Polaroids, 4 Brownies, 2 Certo Phot's, and a Bencini Koroll II. I also have a Nikon FM, Minolta X700, the Hassy, a Holga, a Mamiya 500 DTL, and a few others.

The thing that I think I am going to like about the Brownies is that they are so simple, and so loved by others that there are TONS of tutorials and photos on how to modify, clean, and restore them. I have found a diagram with detailed pictures for just about anything that I think I'd want to do with one.